Best Floor Jacks For Cars, Trucks & SUVs

Automotive floor jacks are relatively small devices used to manually lift an end or corner of a car off of the ground. These floor jacks offer a maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons, making them an excellent choice for lifting most standard vehicles, and include a self locking ratchet mechanism to lock the jacks into place once raised, ensuring that your vehicle stays safely and securely in place and protecting you from injury and other hazards with no complex systems to learn.

Furthermore, the lift range definitely shows floor jacks for suv that it is not made for low-profile cars. The lifting arm is the part of every floor jack. If your floor jack is going to consistently lift several tons of weight, it had better be robust. The conclusion is that you need to get the floor jack which will allow enough height so that you can do the job under your vehicle.

You can lift a car to a normal working position in just 3 - 3.5 pumps, which are excellent for a low-profile jack of this category. Despite being small, it has the capability of lifting 2 tons of loads. Keep in mind, the car lifting capacity must be more than 20 percent the weight of the vehicle to make sure the operation is safe.

With the dual pump comes much faster lifting, you can go from as low as 3.6″ inches to as high as 19.4″ inches. The Neiko Pro aluminum floor jack is one we are in love in and what customers love about this floor jack is how portable it is and also its ability to lift about three tons of weight.

Aforementioned, this jack is of Aluminium in construction making its weight bearable to handle, making it lighter in weight to avoid tensity while working with it. This jack is best known for its affordable price range with extremely well equipped features anyone would look out for while purchasing the right tools for their garage.

Stands complement car jacks because they can prevent the car from collapsing. If you are looking for a heavy-duty floor jack that is lightweight, look no further than the Neiko Pro 20272B low profile jack. The floor jack also features a two-piece steel jack handle which is excellent on its own.